Movement | Winter Freerunning 2012 | [ ThreeSixFive ]

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Brought to you by Street Media.

I know it’s long but keep watching it.

Winter Freerunning 2012:
So this is 5 months of our lives crammed into 13 minutes of your life. I want to write some tonk description on how and why we did things but I’ll probably make a video explaining it at some point. I wanted to make a video that anyone could watch and enjoy/appreciate but at the end of the day it’s a Freerunning video not a film so we decided we’d have decent content not just hours of B-Roll. However, I didn’t want it to be just another Freerunning video, I wanted to include all the jazzy stuff I see in other great videos an give it a bit of originality, ironic then that this now blends in with the boom in long artistic Freerunning video. I am the victim of having a good idea but someone executing it better. But meh nevermind, I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any questions feel free to ask along as it isn’t: “Is Matt Hart Russian” “Is that Livewire” “Is that Damien Walters” “How old is George Burdell” and “Who is Jess” – Joe O’Brien – @chimpyobrien

Mac Miller – Best Day Ever (Instrumental)
Foals – Blue Blood
Pretty Lights – Summers Gone
Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love

Kit list:
Canon 60D
Canon 500D

Canon 18 – 135mm
Canon Nifty 50
Rokinon 8mm

Adobe Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve, Curves, Magic Bullet

People in this video are:
Matt Hart
George “Ice money” Burdell
Noah Harwood
Maxwell “Burn One” Ainley
Sam Petz
James Parrish
Aaron Whitfield
Josh Corne
James Wong
Joe “Make Bank” O’Brien
Tim “Livewire” Shieff
Jake Brandford
Nathan Jones
Greg Townley
Sebastian Zaniesienko
Damien Walters
James Holbrook
Josh Peat
Will “There” Holmes

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