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By Pierre Chauffour

The swiss athlete Samuel Volery finally did it. Two months after a lightning stopped his try to break the highline world record, on september 26 he manages to set the new record to 477m during the Highline Extreme Festival – with an incredible sunset scenery over the clouds.

At the moment, there is a strong movement in the community to test out what is possible – finding more and more impressive locations to go highlining and realizing how much longer you can walk on this 1 inch line in the air. Several World Records were beaten and a lot of the participants have overcome their personal limits.

Here as well the first part with Sarah’s morning session:

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A film by:
Jan-Georg Wagenfeld (,…)
Pierre Chauffour (,…)
For licensing /permission to use: Contact – wagenfeld(at)visual-whiteout(dot)com

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Thomas Barrandon (

Sounddesign & Mixing:
Tobias Van

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Walking over the Clouds – Sky’s the Limit from Pierre Chauffour on Vimeo.

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