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Wakeboarding With Cory Teunissen – A Day in the Life

A day in the life with 16 year old wakeboarder, Cory Teunissen. After a morning boat session of wakeboarding, a trip to the mall’s best wrestle carpet, a ride at the cable park and a little wake surfing, it’s easy to see Cory and his buddies are living the dream. Wakeboarding since a young age, this Brisbane, Australia native has truly turned this passion into a lifestyle. Watch wakeboarders Cory Teunissen, Brad Teunissen, Aaron Gun and Harley Clifford throw down some incredible riding. We also got some awesome slowmotion wakeboarding shots. Wakeboarding 2014.

Cory Teunissen (Instragram @coryteunissen)
Brad Teunissen (Instagram @bradteunissen)
Aaron Gunn (Instagram @aarongun)
Harley Clifford (Instagram @harleyclifford)

1. Com Truise – Brokendate
2. Fox Stevenson – Endless
3. Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight

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Wakeboarding With Cory Teunissen – A Day in the Life

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Shout outs to Cory’s sponsors and those involved in this video:
Red Bull, O’Brien, Jet Pilot, Supra, Boardco, Dragon, OWC

Wakeboarding With Cory Teunissen – A Day in the Life http://youtu.be/SvNR7L2wHbA

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