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Brought to you by tempestfreerunning

Pro Team Member Jesse La Flair goes BIG for his first exclusive Tempest Freerunning video! This gorgeous video was shot on the RED EPIC and designed to convey the beauty of the decaying ruins in connection with some never before seen or even attempted parkour and Free running movement. Unfound was shot in the Rustic Canyon’s Nazi Ruins located in a secluded area in the Santa Monica Mountains called Murphy’s Ranch. Please SHARE and LIKE if you enjoyed this video. Jesse put his passion, blood (literally 3 stitches, many cuts, bruises and even a tetanus shot), sweat and tears into this video and just wants to thank everyone who helped out and made it possible. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to Subscribe for more epic freerunning videos.

Shot By: Chad Bonanno

Edited By: Jesse La Flair

Music By: Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)

Special Thanks to:
Chad Bonanno, Luci Romburg, Paul Darnell,
Brianne La Flair, Cory DeMeyers, Jett Jansen,
Thomas Garner, and Joey Wilson
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