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Brought to you by Brodie Smith 21.

1 year ago I decided to upload a video of me throwing frisbees into trashcans in hopes of bringing more attention to Ultimate Frisbee. We thought if we could get 5,000 people to watch it would be awesome. After the first week the video had well over 400,000 views and now 1 year later its at 2.3 MILLION! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLbz0X_7waU)

Because of you guys watching and sharing my videos I have been able to travel to 4 different countries, gone all over the US, and made over 100 videos this past year. A channel that started at 5,000 subscribers is closing in on 150,000! This all seems so surreal and I am so blessed to be able to continue to bring you guys videos that I love to make. I hope this next year is even better and once again THANK YOU!

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Top 21 Frisbee Trick Shots:
1) Speed Boat Catch
2) Stadium Shot
3) Trampoline Shot
4) Long Bridge Shot
5) 180 Jump Shot
6) Smack Shot
7) 1 In A Million Shot
8) No Look Shot
9) Rafters Shot
10) Laser Spiral Shot
11) Cricket Shot
12) Water Skip Shot
13) Moving Car Shot
14) Hammer Shot
15) Opera House Shot
16) Sit Down Hammer Shot
17) Wallride Shot
18) Frozen Rope Shot
19) Hot Hot Hot Shot
20) French Fries Shot
21) Kick Shot

Music by MrBlubbEMS:

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