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follow site ‘Thundercloud’ is a documentary about the events that transpired on and leading up to the 8th June 2012, when a storm of massive proportions sent a 50ft + swell straight towards the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji.


http://mycarril.com It just so happened that the swell was scheduled to arrive right in the middle of an ASP World Tour event at Cloudbreak, Fiji and very few of the world’s best surfers were prepared for waves of that size.

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http://afcmarseille.com/porn/amature-asian-cumshot A tight knit group of the world’s best Big Wave surfers were aware of the forecast swell and converged on the break that the ancient Fijians called Thundercloud Reef.


go here ‘Thundercloud’ takes a brief look at the history of Cloudbreak, investigates the change of decree that lead to the reefs in the region becoming non-exclusive (meaning anyone could surf there) and hears the accounts of the best surfers in the world that chose to brave the conditions on June 8th 2012.

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http://afcmarseille.com/porn/insane-sex-positions A day that will be revered as an historic day in surfing, when men faced their fears, raised the bar, rode moving mountains in the South Pacific Ocean and lived to tell their stories.

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naked women pussy close up Thundercloud Teaser from onepalmMEDIA on Vimeo.

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