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Brought to you by Motion Pacific

Roger Hall has quietly made innovative and beautiful surfboards for well over 40 years. He’s a master craftsman swimming against a tide of mass production. In 2015 he bought together a group of kiwi surfers for a weeks free surfing on reimagined HotCurls, mutant Mini Simmons and Log variants. The Freeway Project explores Rogers’ boards using a tongue in cheek contest format. Check out the video to see who takes out the 2015 The Freeway Trophy.

A big thanks goes to our sponsors: Barkers and Volvo for making this project possible.
Surfers: Trent Lillis, Brendan Young, Paul ‘MoonBob’ Culpan, Sasha Brownlie, Roger Hall, James Tanner
Crew: Tony Burrows (Producer/Camera/Editor), Matt Short (Drone/Sound/Production), Moonbob (Watercam), Lucre/Sasha/Roger (Production), Carwyn’s Catering (Kia)
Music: Petit Biscuit ‘You’

The Freeway Project Vol. 1 from Motion Pacific on Vimeo.

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