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Brought to you by Maria Dmitrienko

Home is where the heart is. Even though I’ve been completely MIA for a year from my home dropzone, a huge piece of my heart is there. It’s where I did my student jumps, where I realized I have this large family like collective who supports me on my journey to becoming a skydiver. Where so many laughs have been shared, and some tears shed. This is where we are always surrounded by friends, where we do crazy things during bad weather, cook amazing dinners together, warm up the sauna and share our stories around the fire.. Where I look out from the plane window and I’m blown away by the beauty of my home country. It felt good to be back. There’s no place like home.
Camera: Lauri Aapro
Edit: Maria Dmitrienko

THAT HOME from Maria Dmitrienko on Vimeo.

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