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Brought to you by Tempest Freerunning.


For the first time, the Tempest Family is putting out a video. It is entitled REPRESENT.

To us…
Represent: The act of expressing an image, in this case through movement, with respect to quality, style, and a love for the art…

“we shall wear your flags out of respect, in order to represent the vision that you stand for.”

Freerunners are all bound with their freedom, passion and love for the art form. We respect what all likeminded freerunners stand for world wide, so we made a shout out video to show our admiration and appreciation. Even if your “flag” was not featured in this video it doesn’t mean we don’ t have mad love for you, it just means we didn’t have one of your tshirts.

Be tru, be free, be the storm!


Director : Luci Romberg
Editor: Chad Bonanno
DP / Post : Chad Bonanno
2ND Camera: Wayne Dalglish
Camera Assist: Joey Wilson

Spider: The Pack (Miami, FL)
Nosole: Parkour Malaysia
Josh Hill: Urban Freeflow
Shane Daniels: SFPK
Diddy: Storm (UK)
Rich King: Tokyo Parkour
Dan Mast: Air Wipp (Sweden)
Victor Lopez: Tranquil Movement (CO)
DeVille Vannik: South Africa Parkour
Luci Steel: Apex Movement
Jesse La Flair: Parkour Brazil
Timmy Di Cecco: Aura (CO)
Alex Duong: Tru Hope
Natalie Strausser: APK
Levi Meeuwenberg: Philippines Parkour
Brent Steffensen: Airborn (UK)
Mclovin: Lost Boys (CA)
Cory DeMeyers: Team Traverse (TX)
Frosti: FreeZ (Switzerland)
Josh Yadon: Ape Connection (Austria)
Filip Mr. Bubbles Ljungberg from Air Wipp: Tempest
Gabe Nunez: Monos Urbanos (Mexico)

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