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Brought to you by Slackline.com

I had the chance to catch up with Josh Beaudoin and Heather Larsen a few months ago and check out this new style of slacklining that they’ve been developing over the last couple years. It has turned into something that seems less like the intensely physical sport and more of a beautiful dance. They describe their philosophy and connection really well in this short video, and I’m looking forward to working a little more with them this year to share their Tandem Slacklining with the world.

Kiss my Neck by Gold Falls – soundcloud.com/futuregarage/kiss-my-neck-by-gold-falls
Jet Pack Mix Tape by Beats Antique – soundcloud.com/beatsantique/jet-pack-mix-tape-2015

Tandem Slacklining from Slackline.com on Vimeo.

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