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Brought to you by Johannes Olszewski

In April 2013 the Slackonauts from One Inch Dreams went for their biggest spacemission so far to the magic mountains of Montserrat (Catalunya) to rig a giant Spaceline. The rigging of such big line turned out to be a odysee due to bad weather conditions and complicated rigging technics. But the beauty, nature and peace in this astonishing landscape and of course the epic spaceline made this slacklinetrip an unforgettable experience.

Thanks Marc Forradellas for filming and editing!

Alexander Schulz
Mirko Prohaska
Niklas Winter
Clemens Augustin
Ramon Maeso
Raffael Thomele
Christan Krr
Miha Skof
Adrien Piep
Gautier Bougard
Paul-Antoine Droiton

Aditional footage:
Laurent Triay

Aerial Shots:
Marc Subirana

Sound effects & audio processing
Erol Ileri

Ropejump riggers:

Music in order of appearance:

Dub in England — High Mas

Samplastik — Agent T

Every single night — Fiona Apple

Never Forget — Peterloo Masacre

Children — ET_

The outer banks — The Album Leaf

Resistance March — Break Science
The Temparature of the air on the bow of the Kaleetan — Chris Zabriskie

Kopeika — ET_

Special Thanks to Ramón Maeso

supported by:

2013 – A SPACEMISSION – Highline in Montserrat from Johannes Olszewski on Vimeo.

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