Wheels | Slow Dayz 2: Rainy Dayz | [ ThreeSixFive ]

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This is a project that has been in the works for quite a while now and I am hyped to finally release it! Thanks so much to Jason Bastian and Ryan Thompson for throwing down some insane trickery for the camera! Also, huge props to JD. Beatz for producing all this awesome music!

If you want to see the first video, then click here

Check out J.D. Beatz website and YouTube page here

Tricks in Order of Appearance
Switch 360 Shuv It
Fakie Tre Flip
Nollie FS Flip
Tre Flip
Nollie Kickflip Late Shuv It
Switch Heelflip Late Fronside Shuv It

Fakie Late Inward Heelflip
Fakie Flip Indy Grab
540 flip
Fronstide Flip (sunset)

Switchg FS Heelflip Lipslide
Nollie BS Double Heelflip
Feeble Pop Switch Feeble

-Darren Dyk (aka Skapo)

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