Rock | You Only Send Hard Problems When the Air is Cool: Stone Kingdom, EP. 3 | [ ThreeSixFive ]

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Every red-blooded Brit hopes for a warm summer. Well, every red-blooded Brit who doesn’t climb, anyway. You see, heat is anathema to friction and friction is one of the key ingredients for hard bouldering (others include pain, forearm pump, and grunting loudly on hard moves). During last summer’s historic run of sunshine and warmth in the UK, as his countrymen were sitting on pub patios soaking up the rays, Dan Varian headed north to the only place were cool air and clouds are guaranteed for most of the year – Scotland. Surrounded by castles and lochs, Dan takes on some of his hardest projects in this video. Feast your senses on beautiful scenery, blustery winds, fiendishly difficult bouldering, and plenty of frustrated cursing. You Only Send Hard Problems When the Air Is Cool | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 3

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