Movement | Sébastien Foucan puts Fineside to the test | [ ThreeSixFive ]

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Brought to you by Fineside.

Fineside launched with the aim of creating functional streetwear which is engineered to move with, and support, your body. It’s been challenging at times but now the first range is out there, we wanted to check the garments delivered on this mission statement, so we asked our friend, and co-founder of “Free Running”, Sebastien Foucan to put it through it’s paces in his home town of Evry near Paris, France.

Decked out in our Asteroids t shirt and Evers hooded sweatshirt Seb leapt, climbed, ran and rolled around the town’s buildings and crazy architecture. The garments coped easily with the road test, the hard part was keeping up with him long enough to film it!

So now we know we achieved what we set out to do and Seb’s given it the official nod we thought we’d show you what it’s capable of so you can Make your Move too at

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