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Erik Roner keeps things lighthearted & fun, so fun you might not even notice he’s effing flying in this episode—like fy-ing! It all begins at home in Tahoe where Erik preps for his upcoming wingsuit trip to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland in the most unusual way. Once in the Swiss countryside, Erik wallows in the stunning scenery, the gently clanging church bells, immaculate wood stacks, beautiful valleys, church bells, church bells, church bells! It’s enough to make you want to jump off a cliff. Which is really why he’s here. Erik and friends Brandon Lillard, Jhonathon Florez, and Ted Davenport capture incredible GoPro footage soaring over the Swiss valley. Even little Oskar checks in from back home running loose while dad’s away. What extreme adventure does he get up to in this episode?

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