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After almost 2 months of perfect weather in Switzerland the rain finally caught up with us. Sitting in Magic Wood watching it pour down for the 4th straight day in a row, and the forecast showing no end in sight, we decided to make the 6 hour trek across Europe to the magical forest of Fontainebleau, France.

I had only been to Font once. It was two years ago and unfortunately I was only able to spend a total of 7 days in the forest. If you know Font, then you know this is nowhere near enough time. I think I could probably live there for the rest of my life and not run out of boulders to climb. Whether it’s running a classic circuit in Bas Cuvier, repeating the latest hard bloc, or roaming the forest finding and cleaning virgin stone, Font will always have something for me to do.

So, our trip to Font was nothing short of brilliant. We were there for about 14 days and I think we climbed 13 of them. The weather was a bit warm for sure, but when you’re climbing every day on the best rock in the world it’s hard to complain. After our time there was spent we made our way to Chamonix, France which is just near the Swiss border. We had plans to visit a famous area called Fionnay, Kasia wanted to play tourist a couple days. We hesitatingly spent the 80 US dollars for a lift to the top of the biggest mountain in the EU, Mont Blanc. It was worth every penny!! In the end it was just a nice conclusion to our 3 months overseas. Chamonix was hands down one of the most gorgeous little towns I had ever seen, and the climbing in the area was spectacular. A trip like this really opens your eyes and reminds me just how fortunate I am to be living this lifestyle. -JW

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