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Brought to you by Mathieu Elie

A few problems climbed during springtime. The footage I had wasn’t great, but it has been a while since my last video so I thought I would edit a little something.

-Highlander V10

A crimpy problem opened by my friend last spring. I couldn’t try it seriously because of an injury last year but this time it went quick.

-Dr. Faust, V10 FA

It looks pretty simple on video, but this is definitely the hardest single move I’ve done on rock.

-The Red Wedding, V8 FA

Right by another project, this one is tricky.

-Coat de Cuir, V7

Jean-Benoit on a classic in “Les Palissades”

-T-Rex, V10

A “forgotten” problem opened years ago by Antoine Séguin in “Les Palissades”. We saw it last year but it looked improbable. Came back this year to figure out the beta and it went well. Definitely one of the best in the region. Could be harder than V10?

-“Double Lip” Project, probably around v10

One of the sickest project: hard, high, scary. It will probably go down when the good temps come back, we are super psyched on this line.

I suggest you use a quality listening device for the music!

In order:

Hucci – The Fall

Meg Myers – Desire (Hucci Remix)

Hucci X GameFace – The Leaves are Brown

Sango – Por Tudo

L’Histoire d’un Printemps from Mathieu Elie on Vimeo.

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