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Brought to you by TIGRE Films

Landskate: La Forêt, is the first of a series of videos in which we take skateboarding into different landscapes where the sport is never practiced.
Being our first totally independent video we took care of everything involved from the beginning throughout the end.
Shot in 2 days on location in July 2013, Chile.

Written, Produced and Directed by TIGRE FILMS
Skater: Spiro Razis
Producer: Cristian Saavedra Junge
Photography: Alfredo Escobar & Pablo Azocar & Cristian Saavedra J.
Editing & Post: Yair Barrios & Pablo Azocar
Original Music & Sound Editing: Alvaro Troncoso
Song used by permission: Blue Sky Black Death “Legacy to Fuel” – Babygrande Records.

LANDSKATE: LA FORÊT from TIGRE Films on Vimeo.

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