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Rookie Sebastian Zietz runs head first into a perfect 11x world champ Kelly Slater in the quarters.

Kauaian Sebastian Zietz shocked everyone when he came on the 2013 ASP World Tour and set the thing ablaze. He dropped big scores and took out big names. He was a force, and one to be reckoned with. Seabass’ fire culminated at the Volcom Fiji Pro in a quarterfinal heat against King Robert Kelly Slater. It was regarded as one of the best heats of the year, with Kelly’s performance going down as one of the best single heats in the history of professional surfing.

Slater is insightful, honest and doesn’t hide the fact that Cloudbreak, like Pipe and Lowers, is one of those special places for Kelly. Seabass is humble and candid and every bit the surfer everyone loves to root for.

So, as we all set our calendars for the first heat at the Pipe Masters in less than a week’s time, we thought we’d wet the palette for the anticipated greatness we’re all hoping and wishing for, and look back at a moment that may not soon happen again. It’ll go down as one of the best performances in a generation of our sport, and Heat Redux offers unparalleled insight into the mindset of the surfers themselves, their coaches and the announcers who witnessed history. Watch and listen as these insiders deconstruct the mastery of Slater on that day, and Kelly breaks down perfection in his own words.

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