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Brought to you by LouderThan11

Time is precious. Whether you have a family, go to school, or have a full time job, making the most out of your climbing time is essential. Jason Haas knows this all to well and when he gets out for the weekend, he rarely clips bolts at the local crag, he is out there, in the wild, questing up new routes, and freeing old aid lines. Jason is the master of the epic and has a reputation for putting up bold lines that he spends all week fantasizing about…

Jason Haas is the weekend warrior.

Produced by:
Louder Than Eleven (www.lt11.com)

Director of Photography
Jon Glassberg

Supporting Video
Rich Crowder, Jen Morgan, Jordan Shipman

Jen Morgan, Jon Glassberg

Motion FX
Jordan Shipman

Original Score
Oscar Adams (www.oscaradams.com)

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