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Youri Zoon is a Dutch professional kiteboarder. He recently took some time to answer a few questions exclusively for ThreeSixFive.

For those that don’t know, what is kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding is getting pulled over the water behind a kite, but it is not only getting pulled you can do jumps and make spins as well.

How did you get involved in kiteboarding?

Before I was always windsurfing and skateboarding and other sports. I saw kiteboarding one day and I wanted to try it as well and from the first lesson I was hooked on it.

What advice would you give to any kids wanting to follow in your footsteps and become a pro kiteboarder?

Take some lessons and try to ride as much possible, follow your dreams!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I take inspiration from of a lot of things and people, for example Travis Pastrana, he is pushing things forward in every sport he does. I really like that.

Where is your favourite place that you have kiteboarded and where would you like to do it?

I think one of my favorite places is Brazil because it has great training spots like steady wind and flat water.
I still want to ride on the south or north pole because nobody has done those.

What was the best kiteboarding experience you ever had?

Becoming World Champion and recently we launched a big kiteboarding movie in a cinema (The movie is called Hidden Lines and you can see the trailer by clicking here).

What about the worst kiteboarding experience?

I broke my ACL 2 times.

We know you’re a great kiteboarder, but what don’t we know about you? What do enjoy doing when you’re not kiteboarding?

I like to do a lot of other things, other sports but also hang out with my friends and just chill. Photography is another passion from me that I like doing.

What’s on your ipod at the moment?

Latest album i got is Ben Howard, Every Kingdom.

What next for you?

Next comp is Venezuela, then Fuerte, and then Germany and in between that a lot of photoshoots and demo tours.

Thank you very much to Youri for taking the time to answer these questions.

To find out more about Youri Zoon visit their website, yourizoon.com or you find them on facebook and twitter.

Youri is sponsored by Brunotti Boards, Javra SoftwareKoraal.orgMystic Kiteboarding and Slingshot.

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