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Polished Project is made up of Wojtek Kozakiewicz and Lukasz Warzecha, they took some time out from making incredible films to answer a few questions for ThreeSixFive.

How and when did Polished Project begin?

Lukasz: It was a very spontaneous decision to work together. I guess we knew about each others work before we met in person. The making of ‘Dave’ is our first full on project together.

You recently released a trailer for your new film starring Dave MacLeod, give us an idea of what to expect from the film?

Lukasz: The film centres around Dave’s exploits in Magic Wood (climbing New Base Line, Mystic Stylez and others) and at the same time it touches strongly (through interviews) on Dave’s career and life. The final piece is Dave’s portrait as a professional climber. Our end goal is to produce a 10-12min. A short film to be presented during this year’s Mountain Film Festival season around the World, then in early 2013 a full version will be released as a free online viral video.

How is it working with Dave?

Lukasz: It is always a pleasure to work with Dave as he really gets involved in the creative process. He is also a great character which comes across in the interviews… an all round good guy! 🙂

Moving onto other films, how do you find inspiration?

Lukasz: That’s a hard question to answer… for me inspiration comes from everywhere in many forms and from many directions… I get this urge to create something and then try to be playful by doing different things and going with it…

What has been your favourite project to work on?

Lukasz: I enjoyed filming with Dave in Magic Wood… Can’t wait for our next shoot in July!

Where is your favourite place to shoot?

Lukasz: Scotland… the mix of mountains and sea makes it really special.

Wojtek: To be honest, anywhere, where it is warm ( you don’t have to worry about batteries and foggy lenses), calm (nice ambience and sound), the subject is a climber who has planteous facial expressions (“tsaaa” is not trendy anymore) and who onsights vertical and crimpy routes in chossy red sandstone (I’d prefer chalk rather than blood)…

What has been your worst experience whilst filming?

Wojtek: I think that every bad (or not THAT bad) situation during filming can be converted into a instructive lesson and enrich the experience. This experience will definitely pay off in the future. Shooting for 16-18hrs in 20 degrees below zero, having a fever or drowning your photo equipment in the river.

Lukasz: I couldn’t agree more with Wojtek… I don’t think there is such a thing as a ‘bad’ experience I see them as more like opportunities to learn.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get involved into photography or filmmaking?

Wojtek: Keep trying, explore new things, learn, try, win, loose, loose again, win again and again and again etc. 🙂 Don’t be afraid to ask…

We know you enjoy photography and filmmaking, but what don’t we know about you?

Wojtek: We’re both Polish but Lukasz lives in Manchester, UK, I’m based in Cracow, Poland. Lukasz is more into photography, I’m more in film making. Lukasz eats meat, I’m a vegetarian. At first sight we’re completely different but we kind of combine our forces in our job 🙂

What’s on your ipods at the moment?

Wojtek: Right now I listen to the music that probably will be heard in our upcoming movies. It’s a really long and arduous process of finding something that perfectly matches to your movie and makes it a special combination of moving images, story and sound.

Lukasz: A lot of gangster rap… Gets me in a mood to pick up the phone and reply to all my emails. 🙂

What next for you?

Wojtek: We released two short pieces related to ‘Dave’ so far – the trailer and the excerpt showing Dave sending the New Base Line boulder problem. At the moment we’re editing the final full version of “Dave”. We’d like to finish it by the end of June.

At the beginning of July we’re planning to work on some new videos about mountain running, downhill mountain biking and then a climbing lifestyle movie with one of the most iconic british climbers.
So plenty of planning, traveling, filming, editing and of course exploring and learning new things for us in the near future! 🙂

Polished Project would like to say thank you to ClikElite ( and Redged ( for their continues gear support!

You can watch the latest excerpt from ‘Dave’ below or click here to watch the trailer.

Thanks again to Lukasz and Wojtek for taking the time to answer our questions. To find out more about Polish Project by visiting their blog at or following the on twitter.

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