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Antti Autti is a Finnish snowboarder who shot to fame when he won Gold in the Men’s Superpipe at the 2005 Winter X Games. He recently took some time to answer a few questions exclusively for ThreeSixFive.

What part of the world are you in at the moment?

I’m right now in Rovaniemi, Finland where my home is, but in a couple of days I’m heading north to Riksgränsen for annual summer snowboard trip with my friends. After that it is time for a little break to recharge some batteries at home.

How did you get involved in snowboarding?

It was pretty basic way to get involved. I was skiing back home when one day I saw some older guys riding. It looked so much more free and floaty than skiing. Just the way those guys were jumping around in the trees and slopes made wanna start snowboarding.

What inspires you to keep pushing yourself and keep competing?

Snowboarding has so many possibilities and once you realise that you can do whatever with it then you just need some help from terrain and conditions….but mainly I just love to snowboard so much. During the season there is not a day that I wouldn´t go out and check the conditions. I just really like to be out there and just turning my board couple times if that is the case that day…

Where is your favourite place to snowboard and where would you like to do it?

One of my most favourite ones is Hokkaido, Japan. I have been there quite many times and always scored it very good. Terrain there is pretty back to basics. Hiking around the trees and finding features and snow is always good. I really like tree riding and kind of getting lost feeling when riding powder. In Japan that feeling is quite easy to reach. There are so many good places I have been like Canada, NZ, Chile and Norway just to name few, but one place I’m planning to go next season is AK (Alaska). This season I did lines in Norway where the mountains are also really big. I got to ride some really nice lines and now I feel like I’m for sure ready to go to AK.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement in snowboarding?

I would have to say making it as a professional snowboarder! You know I did a lot contest and did very well for a long time but then felt like I needed to do the change and created my own platform anttisworld.com where I could start sharing my backcountry riding videos more. Thru the website my sponsors get visibility and I can create stuff that I like, so to me that is the biggest thing I have done as professional snowboarder…making it my own way….

What about the worst snowboarding experience?

I think all the injuries are quite shitty but those are part of the deal. You take a fall and then you get back up again! My worst experience was when I almost got burnt out of snowboarding while doing contest circuit and doing too much stuff for other people as snowboarder…I forgot my own goals and got carried away too much for a while. It was the worst feeling I have had….I decided that I never wanna feel like that again and felt that I needed to focus more on natural freestyle riding because that is why I started snowboarding in first place. You know…free style, do whatever makes you feel good while snowboarding really is the only thing that matters…

We are massive fans of Antiout, are there any plans to make a sequel?

YES! we have been doing “Relate to It” webisode project this season but end of October we will release RELATE TO IT – MOVIE which explains the whole SOUL of this project. You know ANTIOUT was build around me and changing my game totally but this project is build around pro riders and riders who are great but don´t have sponsors. Thru them we are trying show that if you organise your things right, normal people can also ride these mountains and locations that we do. You don´t need always to have that 10,000k budget to go out there and ride nice lines etc…..Teaser of the movie will be released this summer…!

You watch the full film here: threesixfive.tv/antiout

We know you’re a great snowboarder, but what don’t we know about you? What do enjoy doing when you’re not snowboarding?

Well I’m pretty addicted to movies and listening music. I mean really addicted. Some might say too addicted sometimes….

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

I have been listening a lot this band called Horisont lately. It is really good stoner rock from Sweden. There is so much good music coming from Sweden like Graveyard,  they are probably my favourite band right now.

What next for you?

Going to do this trip in Riksgränsen, Sweden. Build few hits, do couple flips and methods. Then start charging my batteries and enjoy summer at home with my girlfriend.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and we look forward to sharing Relate To It later this year!

Antti is riding for Billabong, Drake, Northwave, Giro, Kustom and A+ snowboards.

To find out more about Antti Autti, you can visit his website at anttisworld.com. You can also keep up with him on facebook and twitter. You can also check out the latest episode of ‘Relate To It’ below:


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