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Storror is a team of talented Parkour and Freerunning athletes based in south-east England. They recently took the time to answer a few questions exclusively for ThreeSixFive.

For those that don’t know tell us what parkour is?

Most people would recognise Parkour as “jumping off buildings” or “running up walls and doing back-flips” haha but we just think of it as having fun with your friends through movement in any way!

How did you get involved in parkour?

A few friends of mine from school (including Benj) were training before me, and after seeing them doing some stuff in the park one day I immediately wanted to try it. I ended up doing a flip onto my back from a bin the very same day – I’ve been hooked ever since!

How and where do you train?

We’re all spread around Brighton, Guildford, Redhill and Horsham. So when we’re not visiting each other we travel all over the country. Part of the fun is the travelling and exploring new places so we’re always thinking up new adventures.

How did Storror begin?

The name ‘Storror’ came from Max and Benj’s middle name. It’s been a family tradition to have Storror as a middle name in the Cave family for a few generations. They named the YouTube channel ‘StorrorBlog’ as a quirky and low-key name, and as it blew up, people started to recognise us as ‘the Storrors’ so the team thing came pretty naturally when we decided to officially start a team in late 2010.

You’ve made some great videos, many of which have featured on ThreeSixFive, what has been your favourite video?

I’m always changing my mind with this one as there are loads which make me laugh and bring back memories. At the moment I would say my favourite is the Malta section from ‘Storror Summer’ – as it’s so awesomely produced, has a sick soundtrack and captured the vibe from the trip so well!

Is there anywhere in particular you would like to make a video?

Definitely would love the opportunity to make another cliff diving video in somewhere like Bermuda, looks like an incredible place and perfect for a sick video!

How do you prepare yourselves to do a big move for the first time?

When we spot something new to try, there’s two parts to getting ready for it. Firstly, obviously we need to be sure we can do whatever we’re going to try, or get out of it without being hurt. This means knowing our limits and trusting our judgement. Then it’s all about reducing factors out of our control, so making sure we’re not gonna slip on take-off, or the walls not gonna fall down – stuff like that! Theoretically once both of these are done it should be easy, but it’s not always the case and sometimes it takes a little something extra, which is different for everyone!

What are the worst injuries you have suffered?

Most of the time injuries are pretty infrequent with Parkour. The worst injury I’ve ever had is hitting my shin – (touch wood)! TOBY on the other hand is an injury-magnet as you can see from a few of our episodes; he’s had four teeth out and a broken collar bone! Haha

We are really excited to see ‘Storror Power’, when is it expected to be released?

Oooo, I’m impressed you’ve heard about that – was supposed to be a secret project haha! Unfortunately we’ve still got a while to wait till that’s released! There’s a LOT of special effects going into it, plus the weather hasn’t been great recently, but not to worry it will come soon.

Tell us something we don’t know about you, what do you do when you’re not freerunning?

Hmmm… I think it surprises a lot of people that I’m still at college – well until my last exam on Thursday anyway. So unsurprisingly most of my time is taken up by studying English Language, Business and Media.

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

You can usually tell what we’re listening to from the tracks we’re using in our videos, but I’ve got a huge mix of everything, from Sister Sledge to Wu Lyf! Callum has undoubtedly got thousands of bands no-one has heard of, but they’re usually pretty good. Mostly everyone’s music taste is pretty similar. At the moment I really like the album ‘Prisoner’ from The Jezabels.

What next for Storror?

It’s only bigger and better stuff for Storror in the future; the long awaited episode 100 is nearing the end of production and should be dropped in a few weeks. We’re off to the ‘4 The Love of Movement’ Jam in Holland in July plus we’ve got a tonne of other projects underway ready for this summer! So stay tuned.

Thanks to Storror for taking the time to answer our questions. You can keep up-to-date with them by checking out their website, following them on twitter, become a fan on facebook or subscribe to their channel of youtube.

One of our favourite videos is ‘We Are Storror’ which you can watch below.

To see more of Storror on ThreeSixFive click here.


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