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Sasha DiGiulian is one of the world’s top climbers having won numerous competitions and climbed some of the toughest routes. She recently took some time to answer a few questions for ThreeSixFive.

When did you start climbing and what inspired you to become a climber?

I started climbing in 1999 after my brothers birthday party at a local climbing gym. Most of all at that point, I liked defying gravity and going higher and higher!

You have been successful in both competitions and climbing outdoors, which are you most motivated to do?

Outdoors!!! I enjoy the experience as a whole a lot more- there is nothing more fun than the hanging out with friends, enjoying beautiful locations, and challenging yourself doing what you love… All at once!!

Congratulations on climbing your second 9a, what next? Have you tried a 9a+ or are you planning too?

Thank you! I would love to- I am just waiting for the opportunity to find and work on a 9a+ that inspires me. Unfortunately my schedule is quite busy with Competitons and events this summer and I start university at the end of August, but I will continue to be climbing outside, working towards progression, and open to the next challenge.

Where is your favourite place that you have climbed and where would you like to climb?

I have loved the whole Catalunya region of Spain. It is the sport climbing mecca! I REALLY want to climb in Kalymnos, Greece!

What was the best climbing experience you ever had?

Hmm… Too many 🙂 but it involved laughing and friends!

What about the worst climbing experience?

I don’t know, sorry!!

Are you still planning to go to University? If so will still try to climb at the same level you are now?

Yes.. And yes! I start at Columbia University end of August.

We know you’re a great climber, but what don’t we know about Sasha Digiulian? What do enjoy doing when you’re not climbing?

Hanging out with friends, shopping, baking, skiing, running, enjoying the sun, hiking, and… Watching movies!

What on your ipod at the moment?

HipHop! Hmm.. Rihanna is currently playing

What next for you?

I am at the airport on my way to Spain to climb in Rodellar a few days then to Mallorca!!!

Thanks to Sasha for taking the time to answer our questions. You can keep up-to-date with Sasha by checking out her website sasha-digiulian.com, following her on twitter or become a fan on facebook.

Check the video below of Sasha climbing Pure Imagination.

To see more of Sasha DiGiulian on ThreeSixFive click here.

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