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Brought to you by Eos Karlsson

I rarely sit still, so don’t forget to connect with me if you want to keep up.

Hey, my name is Eos Karlsson.
I am a professional actor, stuntman and dance-acrobat.

This is my Stunt Reel, showcasing some of my stunt work
that i have performed in feature films, video games (motion capture),
short films, commercials, training concepts, music videos,
stage productions, events, live action shows, and galas.

I’m always looking for new, exciting collaborations with productions and other artists.
If you are interested in working with me or just want to say hi,
feel free to contact me at: mail@eoskarlsson.com

I spend the other half of my time working
as a filmmaker and graphic designer.
For me, it’s the perfect balance.

I’m a stuntman – Eos Karlsson from Eos Karlsson on Vimeo.

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