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IGW2015 – International GoPro Weekend (The Movie) from Negative4 Productions on Vimeo.

International GoPro Weekend is back!
IGW is an annual three-day event where people from all over unite to share their stories with the world. This year’s IGW saw over 60 GoPro enthusiasts from every continent submit content for this epic movie. With a wide variety of subject matter ranging from proximity flying to family outings, and a killer storyline, IGW2015 is sure to impress.

If you’d like to participate in future projects, please visit http://www.GoWorldProject.com, or email us at contact@GoWorldProject.com.

Produced by: Negative4 Productions (http://www.Negative4.com)

Brought to you by: GoWorld Project &
Sebastien Barrier (http://sebastienbarrier-videodirector…)

Additional Editing – Sebastien Barrier

email us: contact@GoWorldProject.com

Contributors – Andrew, Andrew Balabaal, George Finch, Bobby Dunson, Brain Came, Bruce Padron, Charice Wilczysnki, Chris Strode, Daniel Caldira, Devon Afro Thunder, Don Marco, Doug McCall, Eddie Payne, EpiCapture, Russell Hanson, Igor Stol, Jessica Jeffries, Josh “Dank Driven”, Justin Bowman, Justin King, Katie Cook, Kirk Batterson, Kurt Krause, Lucio Fulber, Lucky Studios, Tom Jassen, Mario Stuckenberger, Mark Sandford, Matthew Lawbley, Mike Cartier, Nick Ohs, Ollie Spragg, Petr Juracka, Parker Fair, Pierre-Luc Doiron, Puccio Distefano, Rob Sheer, Robert Oreskec, Ross Traford, Scott Patterson, Segarra 97, Stretch Schreck, Tony Gibbs, Tony Marsh, Tory Grant, Rob Pelon, Luke Hively, Zeeshan Mirza, and Mike Cook.

**If you contributed content and don’t see your name (or if your name is misspelled), please send us an email with the spelling of your name and the clip you contributed and we will add your name: contact@GoWorldProject.com).**

Copyright 2015 – All Rights Reserved

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