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Over 100 GoPro enthusiasts from over 30 countries have already signed up to participate in IGW2014. If you would like to be a part of this worldwide event, please send an email request to: IGW2014@GoWorldProject.com or visit us on the web athttp://igw2014.com.

One weekend will unite us all…
International GoPro Weekend has returned! The 3rd annual IGW will be held on March 14, 15, & 16. We are asking GoPro fanatics from all over the world to film something with their GoPro during this 72 hour window. We will then compile the footage to make a movie that shares our concurrent experiences from this one weekend… International GoPro Weekend! We’ve already had over 80 enthusiasts from 20 countries sign up for IGW2014! To participate, send an email request to: IGW2014@GoWorldProject.com.

Curious to know how it went down last year? Peep this trailer:http://youtube.com/watch?v=zrmRIpUZqM8.

Visit us on the web at: http://goworldproject.com

Contact us at: Contact@GoWorldProject.com

Join our community on Facebook: http://facebook.com/pages/The-Goworld…

Special thanks to: Rob Pelon, Lucio Fulber, Noah White, Kirk Batterson, Clement Allen, Mario Stunkenberger, Andrew Nicholson and Justin King.

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