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Brought to you by Iceland Aurora Films

The Aurora Borealis and the unique scenery of Iceland captured in a mesmerizing way, where the amazing Auroras tell the story. We shot in more than 50 different locations around Iceland. The outcome will be available in full HD and 4K resolution, on DVD and digital download in July 2014.

Original score by Pétur Jónsson at anthemico.com

Our official site: icelandaurorafilms.com
Contact: icelandaurorafilms@gmail.com

Link to a 4K video on youtube: youtu.be/CFSntB_ifFk

We are three independent filmmakers from Reykjavík, Iceland. Thanks to all our supporters for: Inspiration, Encouragement, Support, Motivation & Constructive Criticism throughout the whole production process. We couldn’t have done this alone!

Thanks to:
Elding Whalewatching (elding.is)
Grayline Iceland (grayline.is)
Shootools (shootools.com)


The film is a Borgarmynd Design Studio and TrailerPark Studios coproduction


Iceland Aurora 4K from Iceland Aurora Films on Vimeo.

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