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Brought to you by Yannick Barthe

Balloon Concept in mainly involved in the development of ultimate Eco Balloons. With this multirole platform they performs different kinds of extreme flights like : Alps crossing flights, high level flights, long distance races, night flights, paragliding, skydiving, wingsuit and many more.

Winner of the David Niven Cup 2012 : The both crews of Balloon Concept reached the 1st and 2nd places of the David Niven Cup 2012.

With additional footage and performances of :

David Geiser, Jeremy Peclard and Matthias Maitre :
Géraldine Fasnacht :
Andreas Knabe :

Many thanks to : Pierrick Duvoisin, Arnaud Favre, Nicolas Tièche, Cédric Burri, Claude Tièche, Roland Wicki, Laurent Sciboz, David Geiser, Matthias Maitre, Jeremy Peclard, Géraldine Fasnacht, Henri Gomez, Andreas Knabe, Total Gaz Suisse, Franziska Neuhaus and Sebastien Eich.

Filmed and edited by Yannick Barthe, Video assistant : Franziska Neuhaus. Filming locations : Switzerland and Italy. Copyright 2014 Yannick Barthe Films & Balloon Concept Media,

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Music by Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeie (purchased with web license).

The Highlights of Balloon Concept from Yannick Barthe on Vimeo.

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