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Brought to you by Yannick Barthe

Balloon Concept in mainly involved in the development of ultimate Eco Balloons. With this multirole platform they performs different kinds of extreme flights like : Alps crossing flights, high level flights, long distance races, night flights, paragliding, skydiving, wingsuit and many more.

Pilots : Pierrick Duvoisin, Arnaud Favre, Thibor Jaggi
Ground Crew balloon : Cédric Burri, David Hirsig, Roland Wicki, Olivier Martin
Paragliders : David Geiser, Jeremy Peclard
Ground crew paraglider : Raymond Geiser, Déborah Hotz, Samuel Geiser
Wingsuit : Géraldine Fastnacht, Julien Meyer

Highlights 2014 :

– Wingsuit flight over Château d’Oex
– Ballooning in Philippines
– D-Bag of paragliders at 6500m
– Cross of the Channel

Filmed by Balloon Concept (balloon-concept.ch) and Yannick Barthe( yannickbarthe.ch) with additional footage of David Geiser & Jeremy Peclard (acro-cat.ch) and Géraldine Fasnacht & Julien Meyer (lineprod.ch). Cover picture by Cédric Burri.

Copyright 2014 Yannick Barthe Films & Balloon Concept Media

Many thanks to our partners : TOTAL Suisse SA, HONDA Suisse SA, William Wyssmüller, Satellite Communication SA, Ultramagic Balloons, Thuraya, Marin Electronic.

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The Highlights of Balloon Concept 2014 from Yannick Barthe on Vimeo.

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