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Brought to you by James Turnbull

I hadn’t made any videos for a while so here’s a group of my favourite problems I managed to climb over last winter. Didn’t get as much done as I would have wanted due to the unusually wet nature of the grit season that never got going. Although it still came out as a productive one as I managed to climb my first 7b and my first route(highball) graded E5.

Problems in Order of Appearance:

Cowboy Daze 6c
Mansons Wall 6c
Horror Arete 6c
Boris or Bust 6c
New Jerusalem 7a
Slapstick Arete 7a
Barry Kingsize 7a
Red Baron 7a+
A Little Sparkle 7a
Trust 7b
Psycho E5 6b (7a)

Gritstone Highlights from James Turnbull on Vimeo.

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