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Brought to you by devinsupertramp

Selfie Wars! This is awesome, check it out! http://bit.ly/ImPa2s

This video was sponsored by Turkish Airlines

Music by the amazing duo Scott & Brendo. Get the song “Drive” here:
And check out their new album:http://bit.ly/18kzeEp
Facebook: http://facebook.com/scottandbrendo
YouTube: http://youtube.com/scottandbrendo

We shot this video in Australia in Kurrajong Heights! They were awesome to work with and it was a blast riding the karts! Check them out in the link below! http://www.grasskarts.info

Super thanks to our friend Alex Dover who is also a filmmaker, he took us to many of the places we filmed at! Check out his new photography/videography project page!
Quartermelon – https://www.facebook.com/Quartermelon…

Super thanks to RediMow who hooked us up with the 4 wheeler for the shoot!

Rode mics came out and helped us out with the sound for the main vid!

Rode VideoMic Pro
This is the mic I use for everything. I shoot most of my sound on this, from camera.

Also, if you want to have any other audio questions, contact Rode directly, contact them on any of their social media platforms.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/rodemic
Twitter https://twitter.com/rodemics

Film by Devin Graham
Edited by Parker Walbeck and Devin Graham

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