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Brought to you by Louder Than Eleven

The boulderer… A rare species of human that survives purely on its ability to perform a delicate dance between life and death in perfect synergy with granite. Lacking the ability to bathe and engage in non-climbing social settings, the climber is often left with nothing but chalky hands and a deeply ingrained quest to find the purest rocks, while simultaneously searching for a mate on this grey and white planet. This is… Granite Earth.

Starring – Jon Glassberg
Featuring – Brian Runnells

Boulder Problems
Dreamtime (V12) – Switzerland
Dogwood (V12) – Yosemite, California
Staff of Ra (v7) – Virgin Gorda
The Great War for Civilisation (V13) – Mt. Evans, Colorado
The Right (V13) – Boulder Canyon, Colorado
All of the Above (V13) – Index, Washington

Video – Paige Claassen, Rich Crowder, Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, Brian Runnells
Edit – Jon Glassberg
Written by – Jon glassberg and Greg Mionske
Sound – Jon Glassberg
Original Score – Tommy Wilson (Milyoo)
Voice Over – Daniel Finn

GRANITE EARTH from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.

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