Extra | Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep! | [ ThreeSixFive ]

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Brought to you by scottdw

I wrote the song with my friend Brenden. We write lots of music as Scott & Brendo. Download the song:

Check us out on Facebook: http://facebook.com/scottandbrendo

Special thanks to Halfbrick Studios (creators of Fruit Ninja) for their support of the video. They were a blast to work with and were completely open to our crazy ideas. You can get the Fruit Ninja app for your mobile device here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fruit-ninja/id362949845?mt=8

Get Fruit Ninja for Kinect: http://bit.ly/ZLszT8

The incredible costumes were made by Allison Dredge! She’s amazing!

Fruit Ninja played by Christian Busath. You should work with him!

Sensei played by Keith Hottinger

Created by Scott Winn & Jay Davis
Directed and Edited by Scott Winn
Cinematography by Scott Winn & Derek Pueblo

Special thanks to Mark Weiler for providing the camera equipment. Check out his youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/myslowmochannel

Color Correction by Ben Brooksby. Work with him if you need a colorist!

Visual FX (lens flares and additional fruit juice) by my friend Nick Dixon

This video was shot at varying frame rates between 24 – 2,000 fps. No twixtor or special effects were used.

Cameras: Fastcam, Red Epic, Canon 5D Mk II

Special thanks to Brenden Bytheway, Dusty Hulet, Tyson Thompson, Andrew Hobbs and Becca Winn for all their help!

Let’s be true friends! Follow me for behind the scenes and updates!
Facebook: http://facebook.com/scottdwcrew
Twitter: http://twitter.com/scottdavidwinn
Instagram: @scottdavidwinn

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