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Brought to you by One Inch Dreams

Fata Mongolia – A movie about the longest slackline that has been ever walked (610m) and the story behind it.

more pictures and story here:

We went to China to setup a slackline longer then 600m – it would have been the longest slackline a human being ever has walked.
But we didn’t know yet the place where to rig such a monstrues slackline and so we neither knew the way how to get to that place.
Coincidence finally lead us to the north of China, into the desert of Inner Mongolia. On our way to the goal they found big obstacles to overcome, deep friendship, hard work and the greatness of nature with all it’s aspects.

This line, unfortunately, wasn’t that much longer as the last world record but to make it more challenging we chose a spot with about 30-35m of sag. The main problem was to find the right spot, exploring the area with Jeeps took us two days and we got lost so many times because of the lack of reference points in the desert.
After we chose the best spot we could find we realized that so many little “valleys” were still in the way and so we started digging. Actually digging a lot. First, because obviously we needed to dig holes for the anchors using the “dead man” technique and second, we had to dig a 20m long channel through the sand such that the line wouldn’t touch the ground. Despite these crazy digging days Alex was almost 5m up in the air at some parts of the line. So we needed to remove the A-frame as well, so in the end the line was just 610m long instead of 620m.
Another problem was the shape of the slope underneath the line, so we needed to tension and detension the line while Alex was walking on it. If we didn’t do this, Alex would have been about 10m high in the middle part. Still at some parts of the middle section he was almost 5m high.

The final walk was aswell the very last chance to send that line because the weather forecast for the next days looked very bad and our flight back to germany leaves in less then 40 hours.
In the end everything fitted together. The colourful sunset, no wind, absolute silence of the desert and Alex incredible concentration flow.

Thanks to:

Mr. Hong and friends (Honglei Outdoor Club in Chifeng)
Rio Zhang
Valentin Rapp
Andreas Hofem

elephant slacklines

Music by:

Nicolas Jaar – John the revelator

Nicolas Jaar & Soul Keita – Ines LP

Rjd2 – smoke and mirrors

Young Strike – Flow Time (Moby Flower Remix)

Jonah – All we are (Alle Farben Remix)

Nym – Et Moi

Fata Mongolia – A movie about the longest slackline ever walked – World Record, 610m. from One Inch Dreams on Vimeo.

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