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Brought to you by bugeyefilms

With time off between shoots, our Holiday fun would be to experiment with flying in the waves (and below the waves level), to see if we could get close enough and follow our fast moving surfers while flying from a beach 200/300 meters away. Instead of a straight exercise we wanted more “drone story telling” shots, to try and do “drone time lapse” concepts. By chance we met Brianne and Roberto on the beach of Santa Teresa Costa Rica who let us enter and film their world. Here is what we came up with.

Starring Roberto Jimenez, Brianne Vuyovich
Produced by Chris Clapinson
Director, DOP, Pilot, special effects: Nicolas Jolliet (DOP, Drone pilot)
Editing by Ian Dunbar
Drone Camera: Chris Clapinson
Assistant Producer: Herve Fulchiron
Music based on the song “Sunshine” by Brianne Vuyovich. Arranged by Nicolas Jolliet and Ian Dunbar
Performed by Brianne Vuyovich, Nicolas Jolliet and Ian Dunbar
Recorded in part by Jeff Clays in recording studio Santa Teresa jfrsn.com and Nicolas Jolliet a the Church of the Bon Vivant in Toronto.
Special Thanks: Itay Santa, Barbara Carr, Kyra Levy, Jeff Clays, Al, Christian and Elion & crew from Silicon Beach, Santa Teresa /facebook.com/SiliconValleyAlleyBeach

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El Sueño (short cut) from bugeyefilms on Vimeo.

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