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Brought to you by tad mccrea

a year of post frostbite alpine adventure. striving to achieve the dream, and meld it into reality…

Last april i got frostbite while descending from the summit of the mooses tooth in alaska. this past year in the mountains served as my recovery… alpine rock routes in the sierra, british colombia, and the northwest territories allowed me to stay off the cold snow and prepare for my extension of summer down south in el chalten. though the weather has been less then cooperative with me this year, the people and community make every moment a worthwhile and special experience. to live the dream sacrifices must be made and hardships overcome. it doesn’t always work out as planned, but the adventure that ensues encourages us to appreciate every moment, and creates the lasting memories that keep us coming back to these magical wild places.

footage: tad and whitney
editing: tad
music: lemolo & yeah yeah yeahs
quote: thoreau

in the spirit of chad kellog, eitan green, matt hegaman and all other sources of inspiration that have moved on

dreams from tad mccrea on Vimeo.

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