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Brought to you by Angelo Poli

From the documentary “i Core, my climbing family” the climbing sequence on the hardest boulder problem in the world: Gioia, 8C+, Varazze, Italy.

Climbed by night by Christian Core in September 2012.
First Ascent by Christian Core in 2009, repeated in 2011 by Adam Ondra.

Directed and produced by Angelo Poli, cinematographer Davide Crippa, second unit director Gianni Monfredini, Crane Carlo Mauri & Mauro Ghiringhelli, director’s assistant Marco Manes, set photographers William Monaco & Tommaso Lamantia.

Original Music: “Garden of Joy” by Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle), Tannen Records

Christian Core “GIOIA” 8C+ from Angelo Poli on Vimeo.

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