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Brought to you by BeyondSlowMotion

Christopher Chann is one of the most talented skateboarders I have had the privilege of working with. Believe it or not, this video was filmed in only 2 sessions with less than 6 hours of skating in total. Nuts!

Anyway, make sure to check out his channel and to subscribe here for more crazy videos. I’ve got lots of stuff in the works!
Chris Chann

Film & Edit by Darren Dyk

Shot on Sony FS700
“Autopilot” by Cosmic Zebra

Skate Tricks (in order of appearance)
Nollie Lateflip
Switch Lateflip
Switch Late Varial Flip
Ghetto Bird (Hardflip Backside Rewind)
Forward Bigflip (Dolphin Bigflip)
Fakie Gazelle Flip
Backside 540 Bigflip
360 Flip (Treflip)
Forward Double Flip (Dolphin Double Flip)
Frontside Hardflip
Full Cab Double Flip
Casper Flip
Front Shuv Lateflip
360 Inward Heel
Switch 180 Lateflip
Nollie Half Cab Lateflip
Nollie Backside Half Cab Lateflip
Inward Heelflip Lateflip
Backside 720 Gazelle

-Darren Dyk

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