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Brought to you by  John Wiley


Shortly after the start of each Hawaiian surf season, the North Shore is invaded by hordes of traveling pros, their entourages, photographers, filmers, scribes, spectators and groupies in a salt-water fueled surf-media frenzy. Six weeks of back-to-back ASP events draw them all into this one small zone as the whole thing builds towards climax at the ASP-season-ending Pipeline Masters. The climax, however, comes somewhat prematurely, and after the World Tour and all its trimmings leaves town, the rumblings of the North Pacific still continue.

After this Chorus that is the loudly-heralded Triple Crown, the North Shore changes. It is a musical Bridge of sorts – a welcome new mood and a change of pace as North Shore life returns to something resembling normality. However, the season is far from over. In fact Winter in Hawaii, as in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, does not officially start until December 21, the day after the Triple Crown waiting period ends (unlike Australia where the seasons are officially marked by the rollover of a new month). Which means the swell train has barely left the first station.

So while the tour packs up and leaves behind a quieter mood, the same constant undertones resonate through the following weeks – those being perfect, powerful waves and big barrels, complimented by beautiful girls and impressive sunsets. And for those who live there or who hang around after the chorus, the song remains the same when the North Shore shakes under the rhythm of a solid North Pacific swell.

Koa Smith
Eli Olsen
Julian Wilson
Adriano De Souza
Kohl Christenson
Flynn Novak
Torrey Meister
Damien Hobgood
Kiron Jabour
Mason Ho
Jamie O’Brien
John John Florence.

After The Chorus – North Shore, December 2013 from John Wiley on Vimeo.

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