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Brought to you by Carlo Traversi

Feature Length film available January 21st, 2013 at

A PRAK Media Production
in association with Born Denali

When summer hits the northern hemisphere and the rays of sunshine intensify, as climbers, we begin to wonder
what options we have in our endless pursuit of optimal conditions for hard ascents. If only we could forever enjoy the cold, dry conditions of winter, year round. Well, lucky for us we can…

Forging a new frontier in the progression of hard bouldering, follow along as Paul Robinson, Ashima Shiraishi, and Carlo Traversi head to the other side of the globe as they spend their summer…Chasing Winter.

Featured Climbs:

Oliphant’s Dawn 8B+/V14
Paranormal Activity 8B+/V14 (2nd Ascent)
Mirta 8B+/V14 (2nd Ascent)
Ground Swell 8B/V13 (First Ascent)
Steady Plums Direct 8B/V13 (First Female Ascent, Youngest 8B Send)
Fragile Steps 8B/V13 (First Female Ascent)
No Church In The Wild 8B/V13 (First Ascent)
Skobbejak 8B/V13 (2nd Ascent)
Armed Response 8B/V13
Pursuit Of Happiness 8B/V13
Inclement Summer 8A+/V12 (First Ascent)
Mr. Postman 8A+/V12 (First Ascent)
Honig 8A+/12 (First Ascent, 2nd Ascent)
Scorpion 8A/V11 (First Female Ascent)
Black Demon 8A/V11 (First Female 8A Flash)
Choc Kits 8A/V11 (First Ascent)
Super Goose 8A/V11 (First Ascent)
In Search Of The New Sound 8A/V11 (First Female Ascent)
Sound Of Violence 8A/V11
Captain Graffiti 8A/V11
Illuminate The Unknown 7C+/V10 (First Ascent)
Light As Night 7C/V9 (First Ascent)
Classy Pirates 7C/V9
Vertically Challenged 7A+/V6
Shrek 7A+/V6

CHASING WINTER • Official Trailer from Carlo Traversi on Vimeo.

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