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Brought to you by Claudiu Voicu

Watch in 4K if possible!

Produced, Directed, Shot & Cut:
Claudiu Voicu | www.claudiu.co.uk | @claudiuvoicu

Ashley Holland | @Ashley_DHolland
Pip Andersen | @piptrix
Jake Brandford | behance.net/jakebrandford
Fizz Hood | @fizzlewizz
Katie McDonnell | @katiemcdonnelll
Storror | @StorrorParkour

Mind of a Beast – The Glitch Mob

Shot on RED Epic-X using Canon and Sigma lenses. 95% of shots are achieved using the DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal.

This video may not be reuploaded, redistributed or edited without permission. For all business & licensing enquiries, contact me directly via my website: claudiu.co.uk

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