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Brought to you by Camp 4 Collective

Behind every experience, image and person, there is a story. Our work was born from shooting the best action and adventure athletes in the wildest places on earth. We’ve learned a thing or two about doing a lot with little and what you can accomplish with teamwork, hustle and a lot of heart. Our collective drive for excellence is at the core of who we are and what we do as artists, athletes, filmmakers and photographers. Our passion for light, film and storytelling transcends genres. We create great content because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Thank you deeply, to all the agencies, creatives, athletes, crew, PA’s, actors, gaffers and others without whom we would create nothing.

All content directed and shot by camp4 partners and staff except:
Cabella’s campaign DP’d by C4 partner Anson Fogel, Directed by Tyler Stableford
Pirelli campaign content used shot by Camp4, directed by Tony Scott, RSA, Rest In Peace Tony
intothemindmovie.com/ by Sherpas Cinema, Co-Directed by and shots operated by Dave Mossop
Mission Antarctic Expedition a TimeLine Films collaboration, shots operated by C4 DP Renan Ozturk

Music courtesy APM Music and Anson Fogel

CAMP 4 COLLECTIVE 2013 REEL from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

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