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BRIT-VID: UK-Inspired Bouldering in Massachusetts from Dimorphic on Vimeo.

This is the story of two young climbers on a hunt to bring british-style bouldering to their home crags in New England. On the way they learn how to crimp, heel hook, slab it, have it, and deal with the miserable british weather.

Problem List:

Scarab V10 @1:54
Terrordactyl Sit V10 @2:18
Realistic Resolutions V10 First Ascent @2:36
A New Low V8 @ 3:10
Trinity V11 @ 3:22
Quasimodo V11 @ 3:36
Pizza and Porkchops V10 First Ascent @4:25
Amadeus V12 First Ascent @5:13
Terracotta V9 First Ascent @ 5:57
Whitefeather V11 First Ascent @6:18
Chronology V11 @ 6:38
Mr. Tricksta V11 @7:00
The White Whale V11 @7:43
Monkey Bar Sit V9 @9:00
Evil Boy V9 @9:17
Conquest of the Irrational V9/10 @9:45
Bovine Intervention V10 @9:54
De’ Bloc V9 First Ascent @10:24
Pope’s Problem V8/9 @10:40
Judgement, Gossip, Ethics V11 First Ascent @11:00
Mid Sized Man V11 @12:08
Monkey Butt Love V8 @12:53
Anasazi Kamikazi V10 @13:12
Cat Daddy V10/11 @13:38
Basil V7 First Ascent @14:18
The Scoop V8/9 @14:54
Kyles Slab V7 @15:40
Christ Pose V8 First Ascent @16:04
Tsunami V9 @16:30
Sit and Deliver V12 @16:50
Straight Outta Stanage V11 First Ascent @19:14
Rail Tail V9 First Ascent @19:53
Unknown Slab V6 @20:15
Modern Mammal V9/10 First Ascent @20:40
Dawes Roof V5 First Ascent @21:18
6 Vacancies V9 First Ascent @21:45
Dunk it, Rat! V9 First Ascent @22:27
Bob’s Your Uncle V7 First Ascent @22:52
Speed Traverse V7/8 @23:05
20 Years After 5.12c/V6 @23:38
Ward’s Highball V5 @24:12
Peachy’s Little Pocket V5 @24:28
Unknown V5 @24:40
Warrior V3 @25:00
Thneed V8 @25:17
Appetite For Destruction V8 @26:24
Common Sense V6 @27:15
Speed of Life V10 @28:26
Leather Glove of the Falconeer V10 First Ascent @31:52
Icarus Instinct V6 R @32:44

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