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Brought to you by David Walden

Wingsuit BASE jumping in New Zealand with Rodolphe Cassan, French Samurai, and David Walden.

On Sunday 15 Feb with the help of many friends we found and opened one of the most incredible base jumps. The exit point is at 2,560m on Rob Roy Low Peak, in the Mount Aspiring National Park, and gives a 1,800m descent to the valley floor.

We had a lot of fun and some scary moments on the way up to the exit. Technically its not too hard but does require ice tools and exposed climbing on loose rock.

Awesome support crew… Milo Gilmour and Craig Adams helped with climbing to reach the exit, Michael Cartwright carried a load to our bivy, my lovely wife Renee and Jean Kenny were on the radio at the landing, and Tamara Cartwright came for the walk! Wow… all we had to worry about was jumping which was definitely the easy part, and we felt a bit guilty leaving Milo and Craig to descend the old fashioned way… and to carry down our bivy gear… thanks guys! Also thanks to Danilo Hegg for high-res photos of the exit point, without which we probably would not have tried, and Jo Haines and Federico Varengo for info on the route up.

Please excuse this somewhat dramatic edit… it skips over all the uncertainties and funny moments. Rudy is preparing a longer more stupid movie which will possibly show how it really was!

Special thanks to GoPro, Southern Approach, Squirrel, and Air Taihiti Nui.

Rob Roy Low Peak
First descent: 15 Feb 2015… Rodolphe Cassan, French Samurai, David Walden


The Big One from David Walden on Vimeo.

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