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Brought to you by Image Impossible

Facts about the film.

Shot with a Sony NX30, last minute, with nothing planned.

It was all filmed handheld. no tripods, no glide cams no tracks or cranes.

It was all shot 50p, some of the footage has been interpreted in the edit as 25p so is slowmo.

Cut on Premiere Pro 6.

Graded in Speed grade.

Music by APACHE TEARS apachetearsband.com

Shot & Edited by Ian Burton @ianburtoncamera

Highlining by Nadeem Al-Khafaji, Nick Ellmore & Tom Parker.

Puppy and Ponies supplied by Vicki Smith.


My last full length film can be watched here steepedge.com/all-films/adventure-sports/driven-to-despair.html

A Few Days in January from Image Impossible on Vimeo.

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