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Brought to you by FlyLikeBrick.

Wingsuit team ‘Fly Like Brick’ does coaching and load organizing at wingsuit events all over the world.
The emphasis within the team is one of style, speed and fun in flying.

Rebooting with 2 new members, the team hit the Artistic Wingsuit Competition again this year to display their flying skills. The competition follows the format of 2 performers and 1 cameraman, who fly 5 rounds of compulsories and one free round.

With only minimal training, but a strong focus on the free round, the team managed to score 3rd place with only minimal difference with the team ranking 2nd. For the coming year we hope to expand our training, and further develop our flying skills and knowledge to assist us in better coaching and load organizing.

Performers: Benoit Syben & Jarno Cordia
Camera: Patrick Wake

Editing: Jarno Cordia – flylikebrick.com

We would like to thank our sponsors for making great gear, and assisting us in realizing our dreams:

Phoenix-Fly – phoenix-fly.com
Cypres2 – cypres.cc
UPT Vector – uptvector.com
Performance Designs – performancedesigns.com
Larsen & Brusgaard – l-and-b.dk
Replay XD – replayxd.com

2012 – 08 – 5th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition – FlyLikeBrick from FlyLikeBrick on Vimeo.

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